Napoleon Crossing the Alps ~  Jacques-Louis David

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Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
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James is using Mesut’s former number. I need a moment to get myself together.

Football Meme : Mesut Özil [ asked by neuersgirl ]


reasons why footballers should pick me to be their wag:

  • i’m pretty cute
  • football is my life
  • i’ll actually give a shit about your career and your games and your fitness
  • i’ll want to go to all of your games (even tho that’s not always possible)
  • i’m not after your money, just your love
  • i’d walk around our house in nothing but your jersey
  • i’ll be super supportive of you through the good times and bad
  • all this applies unless you want to play for man united


The world stands with Palestine.

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