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 Real Madrid 2-0 Córdoba Benzema, 29’Cristiano Ronaldo, 89’

Real Madrid 2-0 Córdoba
Benzema, 29’
Cristiano Ronaldo, 89’

Blue Ivy doing the ***Flawless Dance @ The VMAS 2014.


The Bernabeu now has a section named after Sergio Ramos’ incredible goal in the CL final in Lisbon that was vital in Real Madrid’s pursuit of La Decima.

It’s called the “Section of Minute 93”

i’m totally okay right now 

why is di maria leaving! I thought he luved rm
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his love for real madrid is undeniable. but he left basically because of florentino’s under-appreciation of midfielders that create an impact on the field but not on market sales 

brazil nt + smiles/laughs

Gracias Angelito!

Today it’s been impossible for James Rodriguez, Marcelo y Gareth Bale to score a goal!


Carlota Ruiz : How hard to say goodbye, especially to people of good heart. Good luck in this new way Jorgelina and Angel.

Iria Otero : "You to England, me to Italy." We wish you good luck in your new career footballer at three! You deserve the best, because you are amazing!!! We love you so much.

Marta Ponsati : So you want me to say, my friend … It make me sad that only people which know you know how good and lovely you are. I will come to visit you. Now the most important is being happy in every place, you deserve it. I love you my friend!

James Rodríguez in FIFA Weekly (#44) | August 22, 2014

"The new Real Madrid star is the most in-demand player in the world at the present time. In interview, he talks about his glorious goals at the World Cup, the Colombia team and the trophies he has collected."

Eminem doing the ALS ice bucket challenge live at The Monster Tour [x]